“Sharpen The Saw” Self-Care Menu

Sharpen The Saw Menu

Sure, you know all the analogies about putting on your oxygen mask first, and not pouring from an empty cup, but sometimes it’s hard to even know where to begin.

This menu is for those times.

  • Physical
    • Caring for the physical body  through exercise, nutrition, & rest.
  • Mental
    • Keeping the mind sharp and active through continuous learning, growth, & novelty

  • SocialEmotional
    • Making regular deposits in others’“emotional bank accounts,” which in turn replenishes our own. 
  • Spiritual
    • Connecting to something bigger than yourself

Inspired by Covey’s classic 7 habits, the free Sharpen The Saw menu offers a wide range of practical ways to care for yourself, holistically. Because self-care isn’t a “nice to have;” it’s essential. 🧡

Download your free resource here!

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