The New Rules of Rigor Complete Toolkit

Rigor defined:
A learning experience is RIGOROUS when it pushes students to think deeply, to stretch their thinking in new directions, and to lean into their curiosity, knowing that the adults around them fully believe in their high potential.

To make rigor a reality:

  • Rigor Rule #1)   Create a culture of high expectations for all.
    • Believe that students can think deeply, use creativity, and do hard mental work. They will rise to the rigor of the expectation!

  • Rigor Rule #2)   Focus on HOW to think, not WHAT to think.
    • Practice brain-builders, critical thinking routines, mental models, tinkering/making, inquiry, discovery, systems thinking, and design thinking.

  • Rigor Rule #3)   Go Deeper.  Aim Higher.
    • Let Webb’s Depth of Knowledge framework and Bloom’s Taxonomy (or Hess’ combo!) be your guide, with a little help from the “more than 1” test!

The free New Rules of Rigor toolkit comes with everything you need (including this blog article) to make rigor a reality in your school or classroom.

Because bottom line, rigor is an equity issue– it has to be accessible to all.

Use this toolkit to make that happen.

Download your free resource here!

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