On March 13, I was honored to present at the annual GA Charter Schools Conference. That day also happened to be the last school day before quarantine began, so many people who wanted to attend the session were unable to. Thus, this webinar recording was born :). 

I am passionate about helping educators create more inclusive learning environments for all. If you’re ready to make that happen at your school, check out this webinar:

“Inclusion” means more than you might think!

Inclusive classrooms close equity gaps across ability, SES, and racial-cultural differences. Expanding our definition of inclusion could result in radically different outcomes for our students.

This hands-on workshop is designed to help educators feel more prepared for meeting a wide range of student needs, and more comfortable working with a wide range of student profiles.


Webinar Video Recording:


Webinar Materials & Resources:

here are all the useful tools mentioned in the webinar for you!

Slide Deck:

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