Community-oriented classroom management shows everyone they belong. Since belonging is one of our most fundamental human needs (see: Maslow), this style of classroom management is not only extremely effective, but also humanizing.

The dictionary defines community as:

“a unified body of individuals who feel a sense of fellowship with each other, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.

  ( …Ok, technically I combined two dictionary definitions to get that one, but still. It’s a good one!)

That definition points us to the kind of community that will help our students (and us!) flourish and thrive. It’s an environment where their innate need for belonging will be met, so that they can focus on learning instead of on survival.

That type of community doesn’t happen magically or automatically. It takes purposeful effort and action. It takes working together to explicitly define what common attitudes, interests, and goals you all will share together.

To help kickstart that effort and action, here’s a freebie for you, along with an example of the community commitments my class and I made together back in the day:

Get the free printable PDF for quick-reference

Hang it by your desk or somewhere else easily visible to keep it “in sight, in mind!”

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