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Free professional development resources on instructional strategies to increase student engagement. Topics include…


Student-centered practices, student-directed learning, project-based learning (PBL), discovery and inquiry-based learning, student empowerment, authentic instruction, pedagogy, teaching methods, student engagement, Cross-curricular integrations, using Tech tools, Lesson-planning & unit planning, Field trips, and the art and science of teaching and learning.


Rigor, Webb’s Depth of Knowledge, Bloom’s Taxonomy, student-centered assessment, gradeless classrooms, alternatives to grading, feedback systems, performance-based assessment, project-based assessment, authentic assessment, formative and summative assessment, formal and informal assessment.


Universal Design for Learning (UDL), inclusive classrooms, co-teaching, English Language Learners, emerging bilingual education, asset-based approach, mixed-ability grouping, and dismantling ableism.

The New Rules of Rigor: Complete Toolkit

The New Rules of Rigor Complete Toolkit Rigor defined:A learning experience is RIGOROUS when it pushes students to think deeply, to stretch their thinking in new directions, and to lean into their curiosity, knowing that the adults around them fully believe in their high potential. To make rigor a reality:  Rigor Rule #1)   Create a culture of high expectations for all. Believe that …

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“Inclusive Classrooms Close Equity Gaps”

On March 13, I was honored to present at the annual GA Charter Schools Conference. That day also happened to be the last school day before quarantine began, so many people who wanted to attend the session were unable to. Thus, this webinar recording was born :).  I am passionate about helping educators create more inclusive …

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The *First Two Steps* Towards Setting the Tone for an Inclusive Classroom – (Vol. 1/5) – “Strategies For Hearing ALL Voices” Series

         Wanting to make your classroom more inclusive, but don’t know where to start?​Take five minutes to try this with your students.            **UPDATE 03-18-20**  –  A MESSAGE FROM JEN WOW, a LOT has happened in the week since this blog was first published. What a difference a week …

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