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Free professional development resources on the adult side of the profession. Topics include communication, leadership, collaboration, team dynamics, navigating workplace conflict, active listening, developing leaders, and workplace culture and climate.

‘What’s Your Why?’ Discovery Tool

Use this tool to discover your own unique Why, or even to craft a Why statement for yourself, your school, or your classroom The phrase¬†“Your ‘why’”¬†is enough to elicit anything from a knowing nod, to a proud smile, to an over-it eye-roll in the business world; it’s common lingo over there. Over here in education …

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Norm-setting: what is it, why do it, & a free norms menu

I’d be willing to bet that we’ve all been in a meeting at one point or another where… … a few colleagues get into a heated debate, or …everybody clams up and disengages, or …the whole damn thing go off the rails entirely. Any of those sound familiar? If so, there’s a good chance norm-setting …

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