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How it Works

School Leaders

Browse & connect with vetted PD providers to move your school forward

PD Providers

Connect with school leaders & drive you business forward

Classroom Leaders

Take control of your Professional Development

Co-CreatED is the simple, smart way to find, book, & manage trainings for educators

Less headache for school leaders  |  More agency for teachers  |  Better business for providers

Co-Created Premium

Use Data

  • Rating & Reviews make PD quality transparent
  • A data dashboard on staff learning trends, so you can make strategic PD decisions
  • Deploy your PD dollars where you staff need it most

Do Business

  • Get Noticed: gain new clients by listing your services on theĀ  marketplace
  • Exceed client expectations with a top-notch experience from start to finish
  • Shave hours off your workflow with automated emailing, integrated scheduling, and an all-in-one proposal, contract, invoice, & payment system

Empower Teachers

  • More choice in browsing and selecting PD that actually matters to you
  • More voice in giving feedback on the trainings you take
  • More ownership of your professional learning history, data, & materials
  • More advancement opportunity with a beautiful, auto-updating professional profile